Protektoid for Businesses - Features for Security Officers

Protektoid for businesses is a solution for and dedicated to companies. The features included within our ecosystem are thus company focused.

You can find below the features of the current version of Protektoid for businesses. You need another feature, let us know.
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Security Administrators oriented features

Security features given to security administrators are made to give them as much information as needed in order to monitor the Android device fleet of the company. Indicators thus include not only Protektoid indicators but also Android ones, such as Verify Apps status and SafetyNet Attestation status.

 Protektoid CommunityProtektoid for Businesses
White labeled interface  
global indicators of the Android device fleet status  
Indicators by android devices  
Indicators by users  
Security administrator overrides of permission setups   
Fake app detection  
Email notifications  
Customized threshold to deal with company security policies  
Score based automated devices and apps flags  
Push notifications for blocked apps  
Push notifications for blocked devices  
Fake app detection  
Push notifications for blocked devices  

Security policy oriented features

 Protektoid CommunityProtektoid for Businesses
Global App whitelisting based security policy  
Global App blacklisting based security policy  
Role based App whitelisting based security policy  
Role based App blacklisting based security policy  
Role based devices thresholds