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End-user Security features

The Marshmallow permission model of the Android system greatly differs from the Lollipop one. For this reason, we splitted the feature list accordingly. We also give detailed explanation of these differences and their consequences on the blog articles, such as See below in this page for a quick introduction about it.

  Wondering how your device will behave? Check its android version or install the app: we display user-related information after you installed the app, based on the android version of your device.

FonkcióProtektoid for Marshmallow and above Protektoid for Lollipop and below
Alkalmazás engedélyeinek felülvizsgálata  
Jogosultságok jóváhagyása  
Alkalmazás engedélyeinek eltiltása  
Kérem a közösség ajánlásait  
Nem megbízható alkalmazások eltávolítása  
Protektoid Firewall  
A nem tetsző engedélyek megjelölése  

Marshmallow: a nearly 100% User controled permission model

With Marshmallow, users can now control the permissions given to the applications. Its " complicated", hard to follow the changes but possible. That is even the reason why Protektoid was started. Thanks to marshmallow, users can disable permissions they believe to be irrelevant and Protetktoid detect that. You can notice also the "Modifiy" button on the top of each application pages. 

Sadly, it was not or barely possible before Marshmallow. In that case, you have only three options

  1. you think the permissions are not appropriate but not critical, keep the application and say "I do not like". Your completion score will improve
  2. you think the permissions are not appropriate and critical, unistall the application. Both your user and social security scores will improve
  3. you think the permissions are appropriate, click on "trust". Both your user and social security scores will improve

  Note that some permissions are still not user-controled even on Marshmallow. For these permissions such as "Network",  perform one of the three options of the "before Marshmallow" case.

End-user oriented features

FonkcióProtektoid for Marshmallow and aboveProtektoid for Lollipop and below
Globális felhasználói pontszám  
Globális közösségi pontszám  
Push notifications for blocked apps  
Weekly security reports